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2319 (avg. 18 min.)  Stream and Download
MP4 (download); 1920x1080;  4500k  (35% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 960x540;  2000k 

Photos - 2320 sets of 15 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Tons of exclusive HD content; frequent updates; true amateurs; multiple scenes per video; amazing videography.
Pre-checked sign-up to another site; few search options

Review date: November 2017

Sean Cody is one of the best gay adult sites onlie. Since BananaGuide's first review of Sean Cody back in 2006, it's consistently been top rated. The 19- to 26-year-old amateurs -- most of whom who you won't see anywhere else -- have a combination of looks, athleticism, and enthusiastic sluttiness that is unmatched. Most of the videos radiate perfect light, crystal clarity and outstanding camera work; and the newest ones are in blazing sharp 1080p HD. If that's not enough, the team at Sean Cody puts up three new videos a week, for over 2,320 videos that you can stream or download.

But it wouldn't be paradise without minor flaws: the site lacks a sophisticated search function; basic pagination could be improved; and occasionally a new video slips through that is not up to the usual Sean Cody standard. There is also a pre-selected sign-up to another site when you join, so watch out for this.


The Sean Cody tour starts of a collection of thumbnails -- some animated -- for the site's more popular videos; most of these are linked to a video preview of the scene. Click "View More Scenes" and you will find the full collection of videos on the site, right back to the start.

When you go to sign-up, watch out for a drop-down list that asks if you want to add a trial to another site (usually Juicy Boys or Men.com, both owned by MindGeek, which also owns Sean Cody). It will renew at the full monthly membership price, so use the drop down list to opt out of the offer if you aren't interested.


Along the top of the page is the menu with two main choices: "Scenes" and "Models." Once you're in the main "Scenes" index you get the title (usually the model names) and an image from each of the videos, the most recent first. Just click on the image and you're taken to that individual video page which has the embedded video player, the photo gallery, and the related scenes.

Download options are not obvious: beside the heart and clock icons are ellipses (three dots ...). First, click the dots; then "download"; then "Scene - All Platforms"; then choose a quality, from 1080p or less.

The Sean Cody search options could be better. You can sort scenes by date, popularity, and alphabetically. You can also use the search option in the menu, allowing you to look for a specific model, scene, or scene tag (like "hairy" or "Latin").

Paging through the site's video index definitely needs to be improved: as you move through well over 145 pages of scenes you can only go two pages at a time; there's no other option (except for typing page numbers into the website address).

The Men and the Action

So why do some of the the hottest young men in America peel down and get raunchy for the Sean Cody cameras? We do know they get paid very well. Sean Cody men are athletic guys in the 19-26 age range. Every single one of them is good looking, nicely built and fresh to the porn world. While many are straight, a healthy proportion are gay. While very fit, they usually have natural body hair -- and only some have tattoos. Cock sizes range from normal to huge. About half of the new videos are solo and the rest are duos and three-ways.

In the solo videos, there's often a chat with the guy to put him at ease and to reveal a bit about him. One of several different settings is the gym, where the guy may perform a brief workout. Many of the scenes are shot in a beautifully decorated modern home and the guys make creative use of every part of the house and every piece of furniture. The solo videos include two complete jerk-off sessions. Between sessions there's a timeout, often outdoors at the beach or a park, where these fit amateurs chat a bit while demonstrating a mad level of athletic skill.

There are plenty of hardcore videos too, with the guys carefully paired, really horned-up and into the sex. No one is allowed to just lie there -- they have to fuck and suck in every position imaginable. These hardcore videos also include some chat before or after the scene -- but never during. There are also plenty of three ways and group scenes. Since 2012, the site has focused on bareback action.

Video Details

Sean Cody videos are mostly outstanding quality, not just in terms of the amazing clarity of the playback, but in the highly professional camera work. The cameras catch the action from many different angles as the models take several different and often creative positions per shoot. There is a skilled variation of well lit close-up and medium shots so you never feel like you have missed anything -- and almost all the cum shots are shown from two angles.

However, once in a blue moon, a different, less skilled cameraman is used, and the quality difference is noticeable when this happens.

This year there are over 2320 scenes to choose from. These erotic masterpieces typically run from 15 to 20 minutes in length. The site is updated with fresh meat three times a week.

Since July, 2013, videos are available in one format only: MP4. These stream in-browser at a default size of 960x540 pixels. Since August, 2012, the MP4 videos will download in four different qualities, up to a whopping 1920x1080 pixels (4,500 kbps). Previous videos are available for download in the Quicktime (MOV) format; most of these have a bitrate of 2,000 kbps and play in a 960x540 window.

Screens: The new design is fully responsive, so looks and acts well on full sized screens as well as smaller ones. If you want to watch on a TV screen via Apple TV or another device the high-definition videos look amazing.

Image and Other Content

Most of the solo videos include a handful of high resolution digital photos, around ten pics per set, and starting in mid-2012 they include a set of 10 to 20 digital photos for the hardcore scenes as well. The site recently added a slideshow option, though you still can't download zip files.

Summing Up

Sean Cody has always impressed us with its personality, great looking and enthusiastic models, professional and creative camera work, and stunning technical quality. Now with over 2320 videos the only improvement needed is advanced search and better pagination. Why does this site get such a high score? Because nobody brings it all together like Sean Cody does.

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Quality 31/33
Quantity 20/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 6/6
Updates 6/6
Content 68/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 12/15
Fairness 4/5
Value 5/5
User-friendly 24/30

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Condoms: Some
Condoms not used in fuck scenes since early 2012.
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30 day: $27.99
(rebills @ $27.99)

Billed as:

Sean Cody is operated by Mind Geek and has been online since 2001.

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2319 (avg. 18 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (download); 1920x1080;  4500k  (35% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 960x540;  2000k 

Photos - 2320 sets of 15 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Tons of exclusive HD content; frequent updates; true amateurs; multiple scenes per video; amazing videography.
Pre-checked sign-up to another site; few search options

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